Euro Aqua Rules

  • The fishing place must be lit during night fishing.
  • The area is not allowed to be fished - see maps.
  • These are only baits and feeds (boilies, maize and wheat) that the EUROAQUA produces.
  • Euro aqua boilies and feed are available in large quantities at the camp (own production).

Fishing gear

  • On pike or zander 1 spinning rod. The rod must be equipped with at least 0.20 mm braided cord.
  • It is strictly permissible to use artificial baits with a SIMPLE HOOK without REAR HOOK.
  • Minimum size of all spinning lures 14 cm. A steel leader with a minimum load of 10 kg and a length of 30 cm must be used.
  • Wobbler, blinker and spinner with single hook, the barbs must be completely pressed. Gummifische, Twister and other art baits are to be used without exception only with single hooks without barb.
  • For all types of fishing, a suitable undercropping net and an unhooking mat are compulsory. Make the nets and hooks wet before use !!!

Carp and catfish

  • 2 rods on carp
  • 11 rod on catfish (only night fish with guide)
  • Carp rods must always be equipped with at least 0.35 mm monofilter cord and maximum size 4, but smaller hoes are also possible (6, 8 or 10 size) Bent hooks strictly forbidden!
  • When carp fishing is allowed, only hairmontage can be used.
  • Striking cords are forbidden.
  • Leading length at least 35 - 40 cm long.

Saving time

  • Pike 31 January to 31 October
  • Zander 31 January to 31 October
  • Black and koi carp throughout the year

Feed and bait

  • Only EURO AQUA boilies, boiled corn and wheat.

        STRICTLY FORBIDDEN:   Pump plates and flours, chunks and pellets with high oil content.


  • Please treat a capital fish only on the Abhakmatte and only on "KNEEHEAD PHOTOGRAPHING" Do not raise higher!
  • Remote controlled boats around echos are forbidden!
  • Fish (Large carp over 25 kg) only WATER PHOTOS! Without exception!!!
  • Watthose must be brought along. For cold season very important! Für kalte Jahreszeit sehr wichtig!
  • Fishing max. Take 5 min. Out of the water and then gently reset.


  • The grilling and lighting of fireplaces at the pond is strictly forbidden !!!
  • Fish please attack only with wet hands.
  • Place a wet cloth over the eyes of the fish. You will see how calmly the fish can decay and weighed.
  • Use loosening pliers and arterial clamps for predators.
  • Use only strong, matching swivels and carabiners.
  • Live or dead bait fish are forbidden without exception !!!
  • Fishing from the boat is prohibited.
  • The feeding is only allowed with the boat. Foreign boats are prohibited.
  • Hicked or strongly bleeding fish shall be reported immediately to a supervisory body.
  • Since it is not permitted to park your vehicle directly at the lake (fishing ground), we ask you to park your vehicle in the designated parking area. Distance and access max. 60 min to the fishing spot.
  • All wastes (especially cigarettes) must be disposed of in the designated waste container.
  • Please keep the facility clean in your own interest! THANK YOU !!!
  • The entry and removal of the EURO - AQUA system is at your own risk.
  • EUROAQUA assumes no liability whatsoever for persons and property damage as well as for weather-dependent influences.
  • Parents are responsible for their children.
  • Violations and infringements of our fishing regulations will be punished with the license withdrawal.




    We wish you a strong PETRI HEAL !!!