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 About Euro Aqua    

     The owners come from Austria and speak German and English

  • About 180 km south-east of Vienna, on the banks of Lake Balaton in the Nemzeti National Park, amidst vineyards lies the fishing paradise EURO-AQUA..



  A fishing water of superlatives

  • Since 1962 gravel has been mined on the site, the resulting lake with the fish stock that has existed since then, has developed into an enormous size of currently 11.3 ha. The gravel extraction was finished at the end of 2004!
  • Fishing arrangements only from 3 days on request. In order to increase your prospects of success on capitale fish, we recommend you our weekly charity!



Make the catch of your life with us ...

  • Immerse yourself in our water from EURO - AQUA. Hunt for the finest fish and discover the variety of Hungarian cuisine. We would ask you not to bring food and drinks, as they are best served in our small restaurant. Experience the unspoiled nature of the national park with its characteristics. Enjoy the Pannonian climate in our fishing paradise, like the sun, the nature and the breathtaking drills. Our waters are home to unique places and enormous fish varieties.

Catch & Release

  • In order to preserve this fantastic fish stock, capitale fish are gently released into their element after weighing, measuring and photographing.

Accommodation, food and security


  • Immediately adjacent to our fishing paradise is an idyllic water mill, which we adapted for you. The mill can accommodate up to 25 persons. There is also a large living room with SAT-TV and telephone.
  • Breakfast and dinner in a rich, Hungarian way. Game, poultry and fish dishes are our specialty. Please inform us of special requirements when booking. The camp is responsible for food, beverages, lunch and snacks.
  • In order to offer our guests a carefree fishing pleasure we have fenced EURO - AQUA all around.
    Your fishing equipment can be deposited safely in the camp overnight, or left in your fishing area. Our security guards the entire site around the clock. Your complete equipment and your vehicle are in our guarded hands.

   Special pike fishing

  • Special fishing on live bully with live bait. Dates and prices on request. November to January, meter - pike GUARANTEED.



EURO-AQUA is a private fishing association and only for club members.

New members of the association please contact us: 0664/2535666, Alexander Horvath, President of the Association.


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